Web Time Entry Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. I can’t view an entire week on my timesheet. Why do I have to scroll to the right or left to see the entire week?

A. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can reduce the size of the font for better viewing by:

  • Click “View” on the menu bar
  • Pull down to “Text Size”
  • Select “Smaller” or “Smallest”

Q 2. When the President of EKU gives extra time off during the holiday/s (not a regularly scheduled holiday), how should this be reported?

A. Report the time as if it was worked – regular hours. For example, if the normal holiday begins on Thursday, Thanksgiving day and the President gives us the afternoon off on Wednesday (the day before), enter your hours for Wednesday as if you worked the entire day.

Q 3. If the university is closed due to inclement weather conditions, how should I report my time?

A. Report the time as if it was worked – regular hours. If there is a one hour or two hour delay, you would still record 7.5 hours, provided you worked the rest of the day.

Q 4. What if my approver is on vacation or on medical leave, who will approve my time sheet?

A. All approvers must assign someone to approve the time sheets in their absence – a “Proxy”.

Q 5. Do I have to enter time in/out for leave time or holiday time?

A. If you must report time in and time out for work hours, you must also input time in/out for leave time or holiday time. (i.e., for 7.5 hours a day enter 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM for a holiday, sick, vac, etc.)

entering Holiday Pay

Q 6. How do I correct a mistake on my daily record?

A. If you have saved your time record for a particular day and determine that it is totally incorrect, simply select the “Delete” button on the time in time out record. Doing so will delete the record for the day. You can then re-enter the correct time in/out for that day.

deleting time in/ time out

deleting time in/ time out

Q 7. What can I do if I made too many mistakes reporting my hours for the entire pay period, and it's easier to start over than to try and correct them individually?

A. If your time sheet has not been submitted for approval, you can delete the entire time sheet and start over by selecting the restart button: restarting

After selecting this button, you will receive a message that will allow you to continue or cancel.


Q 8. How do I enter overtime hours?

A. Overtime will be systematically generated by the system. If you work over your assigned hours in a day, simply report the total hours for that day on your regular earnings code. All regular work and holiday hours are counted in the overtime calculation.

Q 9. How do I report hours not worked?

A. If you intend to take a day without pay, simply do not enter any hours for that day.

Q 10. How do I code hours for third shift work?

A. The shift code of ‘1’ should never be changed. Report your hours for one 24 hour day – 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM, then go the next day to report the midnight and after hours – see example below:

If you came to work at 4:00 PM on Thursday and your shift was over that evening after midnight at 1:00AM, your hours would be reported on 2 separate days:


Q 11. If my approver has entered a comment on my time sheet, how would I view that comment?

A. From your time sheet screen, click the PREVIEW button, and scroll to the bottom of the screen if necessary to view any comments you may have received - either by you or your approver.

Q 12. How do I report the floating holiday?

A. Select the earnings code “FLH” from your timesheet. Enter a time in/out record that would equate to your normal assigned hours (i.e., assigned 7.5 hours – enter time 8:00a – 3:30p).

Please note: Only one floating holiday is available during each fiscal year. If you have used your floating holiday for this fiscal year and you enter time for another day, the system will automatically deduct the hours entered from your vacation allotment if available.

Q 13. If my approver has returned my time sheet for correction, how would I know?

A. You should check the status of your timesheet frequently throughout the payroll period. The status would reflect “Returned for Correction”. However, your approver should communicate with you that your time sheet was returned – either by phone, email or in person.

Q 14. In the event of an emergency (accident, hospitalization, etc) and I cannot get to a computer to enter my time, how would my time get reported?

A. Your approver should submit a paper timecard to payroll on your behalf.

Q 15. If I have submitted my time for approval and after a few days want to check the status of my time sheet, do I have to re-certify anything when I access my time sheet again?

A. No. The only time certification is necessary is after submitting for approval. At that point you must re-enter your pin number.

Q 16. What if my time sheet has an error and I can’t determine how to fix the error?

A. If you have an error that can’t be corrected, call the Payroll office or Human Resource department for help.

Q 17. What if I inadvertently submitted my time for approval without entering all of my hours for the time period?

A. You should contact your approver and request that they return your time sheet for correction. After they have done so, you can then enter all of your hours and re-submit for approval.

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