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P & P Web-Based Training Courses - TWIST

You will need an DCBS-TRIS username and password to log into each of the courses listed below. A password lookup function is provided on the login screen of each course in the event that you don't remember your username and/or password.

Academy i-TWIST Courses

i-TWIST courses for PCWCP Students - These courses should be completed in the order listed.

i-TWIST: Agency Adoptions - Enrollment key is AgencyAdopt2018*

i-TWIST: Case Planning Navigation: Case Tasks - Enrollment key is !CaseTasks*

i-TWIST: Case Planning Navigation: Out-of-Home Care - Enrollment key is !OOHCNavigation* 

i-TWIST: Creating and Navigating Non-Agency Adoption Cases - Enrollment key is NonAgency2018* 

i-twist: Leveling and Placement Navigation 886A and 106B - Enrollment key is 886A&106B 

i-TWIST: Medical and Disability Navigation - Enrollment key is !MedicalDisability*  

i-TWIST: Offline Application Part 1 - Enrollment key is itwistofflinePartOne2018*

i-TWIST: Offline Application Part 2 - Enrollment key is itwistofflinePartTwo2018*

i-TWIST: Offline Application Part 3 - Enrollment key is itwistofflinePartThree2018*

i-twist: Placement Screens for Relative and Fictive Kin - Enrollment key is FictiveScreen2020#

i-TWIST: Presentation Summary - Enrollment key is PresentationSumm2018*

i-TWIST: Provide In-Progress - Enrollment key is ProvideInProgress2018* 

i-TWIST: Provide Inquiry - Enrollment key is ProvideInquiry2018*  

i-TWIST: Provide Ongoing - Enrollment key is ProvideOngoing2018* 

i-twist: Safety Check and Review for Centralized Intake Staff - For Centralized Intake Staff Only

i-twist: Safety Check and Review - For Frontline Staff Only

i-TWIST for START Mentors - Enrollment key is STARTMentors2018*

i-TWIST: Using the Staff Directory - Enrollment key is ITWISTStaffDir2018* 

TWIST: Case Planning Navigation: In-Home - Enrollment key is !INHOME* 

TWIST: Case Transfer and Case Share Navigation - Enrollment key is !MedicalDisability*  

TWIST: Court Information - Enrollment key is !COURTInformation*  

TWIST: Employee Investigations Navigation - Enrollment key is EmployeeInvNav2018* 

TWIST: Out-of-Home Care for New Removals - Enrollment key is !NEWRemovals*  

TWIST: Out-of-Home Care for Regional Billing Specialists - Enrollment key is OOHCRBS2018*   

TWIST: Payments for Regional Billing Specialists - Enrollment key is PayRBS2018*   

TWIST: Prior Removal and Adoption Screens - Enrollment key is !PRIORRemovals*   

TWIST: Roles and Functions for Supervisors - Enrollment key is RolesFuncFSOS2018*    

TWIST: Title IV-E for Children's Benefit Workers - Enrollment key is TitleIVE2018*  


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