DCBS Training Branch

DCBS Foster/Adoptive Parent Web-Based Training Courses

You will need an TRIS username and password to log into each of the courses listed below. A help link is provided on the login screen of each course in the event that you don't remember your username and/or password.

Care Plus - Contact your R & C worker.

Caring for Children With Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome - Enrollment Key: MCNeonatal2018*

FAST: Foster/Adoptive Support and Training Resources - DCBS Foster/Adoptive Parents (FAP) ONLY Enrollment Key: Fast2018*

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - (FAP) ONLY Enrollment Key: HippaFAP2018*

Medical Passport - DCBS Foster/Adoptive Parents (FAP) ONLY Enrollment Key: FAPMedPass2018*

Medication Administration - Enrollment Key: FAPMedAdmin2018*

Non-Certified Basic First Aid Skills and Universal Precautions - This WBT is not intended for Medically Complex parents because they must attend Certified First Aid.

Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma - Enrollment Key: PedAbuseHeadTrauma2018*

Preventing Disease Transmission - (FAP) ONLY Enrollment Key: PreDisTrans2018FAP*

Psychotropic Medications - Enrollment Key: PsychotropicMeds2018*

Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standards - (FAP) ONLY Enrollment Key: RPPStandards2018FAP*

Recovery Champions - NOTE: There are nine parts (with unique course links and enrollment keys) to this course content.

Sibling Connections in Out-of-Home Care - Enrollment Key: SibConnect2018*

Transracial Parenting - Enrollment Key: TransRace2018*

Understanding Human Trafficking - (FAP) ONLY Enrollment Key: HumanTraffickingFAP2018*

Technical support requests for the courses listed above should be directed to the TRIS Office via email at faptris@eku.edu.