DCBS Training Branch

Protection & Permanency Web-Based Training Courses

You will need a DCBS-TRIS username and password to log into each of the courses listed below. A help link is provided on the login screen of each course in the event that you don't remember your username and/or password.

Academy Prerequisites

Adult Protective Services: Safety, Prevention, and Aftercare Plans - Enrollment key is APSPlans2020#

Adult Protective Services Pre-Test - Enrollment key is APSPretest2018*

CAPTA - Enrollment key is CAPTA2018*

Care Plus - (this key is strictly for DCBS Staff, Foster/Adoptive Parents should contact their R & C worker for access info), when prompted, to access this course: StaffCarePlus2019*

Child Development and Forensic Interviewing - Enrollment key is CDev&Forensic2018* 

Child Protective Services: Safety, Prevention, and Aftercare Plans - Enrollment key is CPSPlans2020# 

Court Procedures and Protocols - Enrollment key is CourtProc&Protocol2018*

Domestic Violence: Biennial Continuing Education - Enrollment key is DVBContEd2018* 

Elder Abuse: Continuing Education - Enrollment key is ElderAbuseContinuingEd2018* 

Equal Employment Opportunity - Enrollment Key: EEO2018* 

Ethics Awareness - Enrollment Key: EthicsAware2018* 

Family First: Introduction and Overview - Enrollment Key: FFPSA2019​  

FAST: Foster/Adoptive Support and Training Resources - DCBS Staff ONLY Enrollment Key: StaffFast2018*

i-TWIST: Assessment and Documentation Tool and Maintaining System Integrity - Enrollment key is !ADT&SystemInteg* 

i-TWIST courses for Office Support Assistants

i-TWIST courses for PCWCP Students - These courses should be completed in the order listed.

Kentucky Strengthening Ties and Empowering Families - Enrollment key is KSTEP4E2019* 

Kinship Navigator: Introduction - Enrollment key is KinshipNav2019*

Medical Passport - DCBS Staff ONLY Enrollment Key: DCBSMedPass2018*

Methamphetamines 101 - Enrollment key is Meth101Initial2018* 

North Carolina Family Assessment Scale - Enrollment key is NCFASSESS2018* 

Professional Documentation - Enrollment key is ProfessionalDoc2018* 

Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standards - Enrollment key is RPPStandards2018*  

Religious Affiliation Protocol for Children in Out-of-Home Care - Enrollment key is RAPOOHC2018*

SAFESPACE - Enrollment key is SAFESPACEOver2018*

Safety: Preventing and Reporting Dog Attacks During Home Visits - Enrollment key is DogAttacks2019#

Tablet Operation: Basic - Enrollment key is DellTabletUser2018#

Tablet Operation: Best Practices - Enrollment key is TabBest2019*

TWIST and i-twist

Using Non-Physical De-Escalation with Children and Youth - Enrollment key is !DEESCALATION2019* 

Understanding Human Trafficking - Enrollment key is HumanTrafficking2018**

Working with Adults with Developmental Disabilities: Effective Communication and Evidence Collection - Enrollment key is AdDevDis2018*

Login support for the courses listed above should be directed to your Regional Training Coordinator.