DCBS Training Branch

Family Support Web-Based Training Courses

You will need an DCBS-TRIS username and password to log into each of the courses listed below. A help link is provided on the login screen of each course in the event that you don't remember your username and/or password.

Call Services for Caseworkers - Enrollment key is CallServicesWorkers2018*

Call Services for Supervisor's and Monitors - Enrollment key is CallServicesSup2018*

Child Care Assistance Program: DCC-94 - Enrollment key is CCAPDCC94#

Child Care Assistance Program: Enrollment and Co-Pays - Enrollment key is Copay2020#

Division of Family Support: Online Manuals Tutorial - Enrollment key is FSonlineManuals2018*

Domestic Violence: Basic - Enrollment key is DVBasic2018* 

Domestic Violence: Biennial Continuing Education - Enrollment key is DVBContEd2018* 

Elder Abuse: Continuing Education - Enrollment key is ElderAbuseContinuingEd2018* 

Equal Employment Opportunity - Enrollment Key: EEO2018* 

Eligibility Advisor Verification Service - Enrollment key is *EAVS2018

Fidelity Information Systems: Navigating the Agency Portal for EBT Inquiry - Enrollment key is FISnavigation2018*

FNS Civil Rights Review - Enrollment key is CivilRights2018*

Introduction to Supervision - No enrollment key is needed for this course.

KAAAP: Electronic Case Files

KTAP: Resources - Enrollment key is KTAPResources2020#

Kentucky Physicians Care Web Application: Using KPC II - Enrollment key is KPCII2018*

Kinship Care - Enrollment key is KinshipCare2018*

Medicaid: Transitional Medical Assistance (TMA) - Enrollment key is TransMedAssistance2018!

Medicaid Works - Enrollment key is MedWorks2018*

Practicing Self-Care - No enrollment key is needed for this course.

Safeguarding Confidential SSA and IRS Information - Enrollment key is SafeguardingSSAirsInfo2018*

SNAP: Disaster Assistance - Enrollment key is SNAPDisAssist2018*

SNAP Employment and Training Bonus Months - This webinar will serve as a review of the Bonus Months policy and system functionality. Participants will review a series of policy and system-based scenarios to learn how to request Bonus Months, when to request Bonus Months, and how to distinguish between re-gaining eligibility and Bonus Months eligibility.

SNAP Refresher: FS-103 - Enrollment key is SNAPfs103#

Telephone Skills WBT - Enrollment key is TelephoneSkills2018*

Understanding Human Trafficking - Enrollment key is HumanTrafficking2018**

Worker Portal: Inquiry Navigation - Enrollment key is WPInquiryNav2018*

Worker Portal: Navigating the Quality Assurance Module for Case Reviews - Enrollment key is WPNavQAMod2018*

Worker Portal: Reception Log and Online Help - Enrollment key is WPreceptionLog2018*

Worker Portal: System Matches - Enrollment key is WPSysM2020#

Worker Portal: Voice Signature and E-Signature WBT - Enrollment key is WPVoiceSignature2018*

Login support for the courses listed above should be directed to your Regional Training Coordinator.