DCBS Training Branch

Credit for Learning - RTC Information

As with all professional development the RTCs are an integral part of the process and the Credit for Learning Initiative is no different.

The RTC is responsible for disseminating CFL information throughout their region, facilitating the completion of university applications, forwarding all CFL documentation to Susan Barber, and communicating changes of participating employee status to Susan Barber.

RTC Contacts

Budget Office
Susan Barber
521 Lancaster Ave., 229 Mattox Hall
Richmond, KY 40475
859-622-8289 fax 859-622-6219
e-mail: susan.barber@eku.edu

RTC Process

  1. CFL Curriculum should be described to P&P potential staff during the interview process.
  2. Employee will complete the appropriate university application, registration and provide an unofficial undergraduate transcript.
  3. Employee will sign the Credit for Learning Agreement outlining the participant, agency, and supervisor’s responsibilities.
  4. RTC will forward completed application, transcript and CFL Agreement to Susan Barber, Budget Office.
  5. RTC will continue to communicate with Budget any changes of employee status.


  1. RTC's currently keep track of textbook distribution in their respective region via a database named "REQUEST".


  1. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a copy of their transcript and submit to the RTC. A web transcript is not accepted by the universities. A student should not have the university send their transcript directly to the CFL University.
  2. RTC will forward completed application, transcript and CFL Agreement to Susan Barber, Budget Office.
  3. If the graduate application comes to Susan Barber without the undergraduate transcript, Susan will send an email directly to the DCBS employee with a “cc” to the RTC, the employee’s supervisor . The participant will then fax their transcript directly to Susan Barber, Budget Office and she will send it to the appropriate university.

Withdrawal from Courses

  1. If for any reason (examples: medical, termination of employment, etc.) an employee cannot complete courses in the Credit for Learning, it is their responsibility to contact the RTC and their supervisor. The RTC will contact Susan Barber, Budget Office to inform her of which university participant is enrolled and need to withdraw from the course(s).
  2. Tenured Cabinet employees have two calendar weeks from the time they enter the course to drop the course without there being tuition liability.
  3. If a withdrawal is not obtained, participant will receive a failing grade from that University and will impact their future GPA.
  4. RTCs will inform the Budget office of any changes in employee status and will make every attempt to insure employee withdraws from class in a timely manner.