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Credit for Learning - Protection and Permanency Staff Enrollment Information

Employees have the opportunity to earn graduate-level credit as non-degree graduate students through participation in graduate courses offered through the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville and Western Kentucky University.


  1. Employee will complete the appropriate university application/registration forms and provide an unofficial undergraduate transcript from their degree granting institution.
  2. Employee will sign a MOU outlining their responsibilities for participating in the CFL initiative.
  3. RTC will forward complete application, transcript and MOU to Susan Barber.
  4. RTC will provide textbooks for each course.
  5. Employees are required to attended classes and participate electronically via Moodle web-based classroom.
  6. If for any reason (examples: medical, termination of employment, etc.) that employee cannot complete courses in the Credit for Learning, they will need to contact their RTC or the Credit for Learning Specialist and request to be withdrawn from the course(s). If you do not withdraw from the Credit for Learning courses, you will receive a failing grade from that University and it will impact your future GPA.

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is not required for participation.



  • Prepare new P&P staff for this educational effort during the job interview. (When notifying the potential employee of their recommendation for the job, advise them to bring multiple copies of their undergraduate degree granting transcript on the first day of employment)
  • Insure employees have textbooks as soon as possible so they can begin reading and studying for the P&P new employees professional development series.
  • Provide support by not placing caseload responsibility during the first 3 months of employment.
  • Distribute CFL material to tenured employees and encourage their participation.
  • Periodically check during learning period for employee’s understanding.
  • Support employees in attending all professional development and not allow work duties or meetings to interfere with attendance.
  • Support and cooperate with the trainers in developing an internal partnership in professional development and feedback system.

Course Listing

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