SNAP and CCAP System Policy

Prework for SNAP and CCAP: System and Policy

Complete the following web-based training courses in addition to downloading and printing the documents listed below. You will need to login with your DCBS-TRIS username and password. Please contact your Regional Training Coordinator if you need assistance in obtaining your DCBS-TRIS login information.

SNAP and Child Care: Pre-Test

Pre-Training Questionnaire for Family Support - Questionnaire Technical Support contact:

Credit for Learning - Successful completion of the SNAP and Child Care Training Series will afford you 3.0 undergraduate credit hours from Eastern Kentucky University at no expense to you. In order to attend the class and receive your credit, you must complete the following forms.  If you have not completed the CFL paperwork with your Regional Training Coordinator, you will need to take a moment to contact your RTC and complete. The forms must be mailed or faxed prior to attending SNAP and Child Care: System and Policy.   Please retain a copy of documents for your records.

SNAP Application and Credit for Learning Agreement

Fax Number: 859-622-6219

Credit for Learning 
Susan Barber
133 Stratton Building
Eastern Kentucky University 
521 Lancaster Avenue 
Richmond, KY  40475

SWK 100 - Syllabus

Civil Rights Review - Enrollment key is CivilRights2018*

Family Support: What is My Role - Enrollment key is SNAProles2018*

Family Support: Right to Apply - Enrollment key is SNAPrightToApply2018*

Division of Family Support: Online Manuals Tutorial - Enrollment key is FSonlineManuals2018*

Eligibility Advisor Verification Service - Enrollment key is *EAVS2018

Worker Portal: Reception Log and Online Help - Enrollment key is WPreceptionLog2018*

KAAAP Electronic Case Files Courses

Safeguarding Confidential SSA and IRS Information - Enrollment key is SafeguardingSSAirsInfo2018*


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