SNAP and CCAP System Policy

Prework for SNAP and CCAP: Eligibility and Enrollment

Complete the following web-based training courses in addition to downloading and printing the documents listed below. You will need to login with your ORS username and password. Please contact your Regional Training Coordinator if you need assistance in obtaining your ORS login information.

SAFE Fact Sheet

Telephone Skills WBT - Enrollment key is TelephoneSkills2018*

Worker Portal: Voice Signature and E-Signature WBT - Enrollment key is WPVoiceSignature2018*

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Card Security - Enrollment key is EBTCS2018!

Fidelity Information Systems: Navigating the Agency Portal for EBT Inquiry - Enrollment key is FISnavigation2018*

SNAP and Child Care: FS-2 SNAP Reviews - Enrollment Key is SNAPfs2Reviews2018*

SNAP: Positive Errors and Case and Procedural Errors - Enrollment key is SNAPerrors2018*

SNAP and Child Care: Disqualifications, Hearings and Claims - Enrollment Key is SNAPdisquals2018*

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