DCBS Training Branch

Protection & Permanency Web-Based Training Courses

You will need a DCBS-TRIS username and password to log into each of the courses listed below. A help link is provided on the login screen of each course in the event that you don't remember your username and/or password.

Academy Prerequisites

Adult Development for Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services - Pre-Test


Child Development and Forensic Interviewing

Court Procedures and Protocols

Domestic Violence: Biennial Continuing Education WBT 

This course replaces:

Domestic Violence: Continuing Education

Domestic Violence: Continuing Education, Including Specialized Populations

Elder Abuse: Continuing Education

Equal Employment Opportunity

Ethics Awareness

i-TWIST: Assessment and Documentation Tool and Maintaining System Integrity

i-TWIST courses for Office Support Assistants

i-TWIST courses for PCWCP Students - These courses should be completed in the order listed.

Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange and Medicaid Expansion

Medical Passport

North Carolina Family Assessment Scale

Professional Documentation

Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standards

Religious Affiliation Protocol for Children in Out-of-Home Care


Self Service Portal Inquiry Navigation


Understanding Human Trafficking

Understanding Substance Use Disorders in Kentucky Families

Working with Adults with Developmental Disabilities: Effective Communication and Evidence Collection

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