DCBS Training Branch

New Employee Orientation Web-Based Training Courses

Americans With Disabilities Act - Enrollment keys are as follows:

Equal Employment Opportunity - Enrollment Key: EEO2018* 

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - DCBS Staff Only Enrollment Key: Hippa2018*

Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange and Medicaid Expansion - (Required for P & P Staff Only)

Preventing Disease Transmission - Enrollment Key: PreDisTrans2018*

Providing Language Access to Limited English Proficient Persons - Enrollment Key: LEP2018*

Random Moment Sampling - Enrollment Key: RMS2018* 

Safety First - Enrollment Key: SafetyFirst2018*

Tablet Operation: Basic - (Required for P & P Staff Only) - Enrollment Key: DellTabletUser2018#

Tablet Operation Best Practices - (Required for P & P Staff Only) - Enrollment Key: TabBest2019*

Targeted Case Management - (Required for P & P Staff Only) - Enrollment Key: TCM2018*

Understanding Substance Use Disorders in Kentucky Families - Enrollment Key: SubUseDis2018*

Using Non-Physical De-Escalation with Children and Youth - (Required for P & P Staff Only) - Enrollment Key: !DEESCALATION2019*