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Kentucky Claims Debt Management System

The Kentucky Claims Debt (KCD) Management System provides automated support to manage claims and collection activity. To view an overview and instructions on using the KCD system, click on the KCD Tip Sheet Link below


The Kentucky Automated Support and Enforcement System (KASES) is used for researching child support income, along with the Medical Support Referral Process.  For more information on KASES, visit the links below.

DCBS Case Record

It is important to have a case record that is neat, in order and has the correct DCBS forms. For more information in initial FRMA case record setup, visit the links below.

KCHIP and I Medicaid

There have been several changes to I cases and the Mail-In Process.  To learn more about the changes that have occurred, visit the ‘Changes to KCHIP and I cases’ link below. For more information with the Mail-In Process, visit the link ‘Mail-In Tip Sheet’ below.

FRMA Eligibility

It is a good idea to stay up to date with policies and procedures regarding Technical and Financial eligibility with Family Medical.  For more information relating to Technical and Income Eligibility with FRMA, visit the links below.

Learning Resources

Having trouble keeping emails organized?  Struggling to find items in policy?  Check out the learning resources below for tips on managing Outlook and searching online manuals.

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