DCBS Training Branch

Credit for Learning - Family Support Staff Course Offering

All Family Support employees begin their career with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP) training which consists of the following segments: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Support Services and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Eligibility and Enrollment; each course has pre-work that is auto generated by the DCBS TRIS system once a participant is enrolled in the system.

While employees fulfill this mandatory training requirement, they also have the opportunity to earn three hours of undergraduate credit from Eastern Kentucky University (EKU). This credit is for non-degree seeking candidates and the participant will fill out the EKU Special Program Cohorts Registration, Application for Undergraduate Admission and Credit for Learning forms. A copy of their transcript will not be needed for this course. The course title at EKU is: Introduction to Food Benefits (SWK 100).

Note: If a student (DCBS employee) is on “hold” with EKU for any reason (such as unpaid fees, etc.) they will not receive undergraduate college credit. Also, if a student has been dismissed from EKU they will not receive credit.

Intended participants log on to the DCBS-TRIS website, click on the button "Series Events", find the series entitled SNAP Series, click on the series title and then register for both sessions. Upon successful completion of both segments three hours of undergraduate credit will be awarded.

Contact your Regional Training Coordinator for more information about this exciting program.